We get it. Your done with your switches and servers and even routers. It takes more effort to find an organization to purchase or donate and you just want someone else to worry about it.

BUT….. You would like your business to take a cut of proceeds? 

 Most Recyclers don’t remove PI data.

  • You – Identify decommissioned equipment you don’t need.
  • You – Grant us permission to remove equipment from Datacenter
  • We inventory serial numbers and haul away
  • We remove all previous configurations from networking equipment and any PI business data
  • We love Cisco, Fortinet, Arista and Juniper
  • You remove all disks from systems (sorry we don’t offer shredding or DOD wipe services)
  • We remove them up to 100 servers per month
  • We are currently only taking Most HP, Supermicro, and Any type of Blade Servers, Dell R630, R640+ and Most Storage
The other guys come take your equipment for $0, resell it and profit 100% less expenses. It appears like this is a good deal becasue they make your mess go away.

Depreciated assets or your company investments should give you one last company party or several dinners with the team. After our cleaning of configurations and testing of the equipment we sell it as refurbished with no trace of your company (NOT the same process our competitors do). They test power on, sell and profit in most cases not erasing PI data. We go above and beyond but we split the net profit 50/50 and they keep 100%.

* You already use a company? Perfect. Let us come and pick the best for your return. Let them keep the junk for free.