Extending Your Data Center Reach

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There is just a shortage of trained and reliable technicians

In 2013, we founded Boston Remote Hands with the vision of providing highly skilled data center engineers who possess a comprehensive understanding of every aspect within the facility. 

The Issues we noticed…..

– Talking with Engineers

During our lunch conversations or datacenter chit-chat. The technicians stressful datacenter visit was better suited at the office on his primary task managing the servers, software and network not the hardware.

– Talking with Executives 

Finding talent to become part of a “datacenter” team is challenging. Those with past IT experience have minimal server experience. It becomes a high investment to train someone and get them into a self sufficient state. 

The most common conversation we had….

– From non-clients

Datacenter Educational Gap.

– From Clients

You work efficient and streamlined. The amount of work one of your team members do in one day exceeds the same as our entire team. 

In the End….

Our aim is to alleviate your workload and enable you to focus on the tasks that truly matter. We are dedicated to supporting your company’s success in any data center across Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

The local Leader inBoston Remote Hands

You need a technician that knows the ins and outs of a datacenter, NOT AN IT COMPANY.